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We currently operate several facilities in Illinois with services ranging from acute care to the mentally ill.


Doctors Nursing

Doctors Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is a 120-bed skilled nursing facility. Certify by Medicare and Medicaid.

Douglas Rehabilitation

At Douglas Rehab and Care Center our motto is “Each resident deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.”

Evergreen Nursing

Looking for skilled nursing services or rehabilitation to increase independence, we understand that making this decision is a difficult one.

Management Relations

Our firm has been offering consulting on the management of nursing homes since 1985. This consulting has covered virtually every aspect of nursing home management. Our principles have taught college and university courses and given numerous seminars concerning the management of long term care facilities. They have produced a number of publications to assist the nursing home manager, including work completed under the auspices of a grant with the Illinois Department of Public Aid. You might say they have written the book on nursing home management and you wouldn't be far off.

Two very valuable services are the pre-survey and the operational audit. We were pioneers in the concept of conducting a “pre-survey” prior to the annual licensure and certification survey from the Illinois Department of Public Health. We have had a number of clients who have used the findings of their pre-survey to turn around a potentially catastrophic situation into a successful survey. In these days of fines and penalties this can be a tremendous asset to the facility.

Many facilities do not have an understanding as to how they stack up against other facilities in their area. Are their costs in line? Is their staffing appropriate to their case mix? What are the latest issues with staff development? How do you develop census is today’s market? We can help facilities answer these and other pertinent questions concerning their daily operation.


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