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We currently operate several facilities in Illinois with services ranging from acute care to the mentally ill.


Doctors Nursing

Doctors Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is a 120-bed skilled nursing facility. Certify by Medicare and Medicaid.

Douglas Rehabilitation

At Douglas Rehab and Care Center our motto is “Each resident deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.”

Evergreen Nursing

Looking for skilled nursing services or rehabilitation to increase independence, we understand that making this decision is a difficult one.

Feasibility Studies

The long term care market is a rapidly changing entity that must be studied carefully before making any move toward entering the market, expanding your position or changing your direction. We can help you identify those issues which come into play for you in these areas.

We have conducted feasibility studies for a number of clients who are considering a move into this industry. This clearly is not an industry for the faint at heart and a clear understanding of the issues and constraints is imperative before acting. Let us bring you up to speed on this environment so that you can make a more informed decision. We can investigate and evaluate potential purchases for you, as well.

If you are an operator and want to expand your holdings or increase the size of your facility you need to know if this is a realistic goal or something which could set you up for failure. We have evaluated a number of such situations where we were able to bring the latest information to bear for the benefit of the decision-makers.

In this changing market what is the best direction for the future? This will depend on a number of factors which we can evaluate and present to you in a manner which will allow you to move forward with confidence.


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